Hot Forging Manufacturer in Mumbai

Everything You Need To Know About Hot Forging Manufacturer in Mumbai – Hot forging involves heating a workpiece to approximately 75% of its melting temperature. This reduces the flow stress and energy required to form the metal, thereby increasing the rate of production (or strain rate). Hot forging makes the metal easier to shape and less likely to fracture.

What is Hot Forging and What Makes Mumbai A Good Manufacturing Hub?

It is a metal Shaping process in which a malleable part of the metal. It is known as a workpiece. It is used for shaping processes such as hammer upsetting pressing etc it takes 75% of the melting temperature.  

Mumbai has established itself as a hub for hot forging due to its ample resources, infrastructure, and workforce. Hot forging is the process of shaping metal by heating it to a high temperature and then hammering or pressing it into the desired shape. 

Know more about Hot Forging Manufacturer in Mumbai.

There are 5 steps of Forging. 

The Most common process is hot forging. Which is process utilization by rex forge. there are a few steps that are followed  

1. Heating: It starts from metal blocks Called ingots. which makes it a variety of sizes & shapes. It depends upon the components then produced. It is heated near to melting state.

2. Performing: It is a piece of the ingot pressed between end dies or close dies. It is engaged between blocks with a press or hammer. it helps to implement the refined shape for finish forging.

3. Finish forging. It is performed between two is a general shape and end product. It only needs one press. but It will be more difficult to regular Multiple Strokes at different pressures.

4. Cooling: It is the cooling of metal. Forget can increase the Power of finishing the final products by deforming the grain flow within metal which is excess flow outside the dies the flash cools and hardness repeatedly. It is made more powerful than metal in the die forges and can increase.

5. Finishing: if the forged product is passed through the pressing. process, trimming, and other above-the-treatment operations are performed to improve the accuracy of the forgotten products. It helps to improve the appearance of the finished forged Products. 

The Benefits of Working with a Hot Forging Manufacturer in Mumbai


1) Easy flow & of the metal 

2) Recrystallization backup is possible. 

3) Forces requierareless what the Best materials for hot forging should be used on the fabric board. A spectrum of parts, it can be performed with most ferrous and non-ferrous metal.

  • Structure steel
  • Free-cutting steel 
  • Titanium alloys. 
  • Molybdenum alloys
  • Nickel / Cobalt alloy 

Most Important Estate things to consider when performing Hot forging.

  1. Cooling 
  2. Tolerance 
  3. Flash
  1. Cooling: Cooling should be applicable with extreme care due to risk.
  2. Tolerance: When you are choosing hot forging praise dimensions to learn compared to cold forging.
  3. Flash: Hot forging has two types: forging or with flash out. This flash shows complex 3D geomarketmetry compared to the flashness ones.
  4. Dies: It is used to custom-make similar custody designs.

 Forging steel bars

  1. The average price of forging steel bar in India is Rs.380/- kilogram.
  2. India exported 1356629 quantities of forging steel bars in 2018 at the price is 1.58 USD million 
  3. The top country which is imported foreign steel baes from India is Nepal(0.2 USD million),
  • High temperature is difficult. 
  • Oxidation & Scaling occur on the workpieces. 
  • Poor surface finish.
  • Less precise to tolerance. 
  • Possible wrapping of the Material during Cooling proceed.

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