Double Ferrule Fittings Manufacturer in India.

A Double Ferrule Fittings Manufacturer in India is the Most similar instrumentation style fitting. It is regularly used for measurement and control systems in aerospace defense Chemical processing plants, Medical instruments oil gas industries it is made for their components such as nut body and ferrule this type of design is made for grip on the tube. The ferrule is compressed in the tube and gives a light grip on the above tube; the seal is made between the front ferrule and the cone.

Advantages of using Double Ferrule Fittings Manufacturer in India. 

  • It is readily available in many sizes shapes combinations of materials. 
  • If we followed all the steps while installation then we leak proof free.
  • It has more vibration resistance than other instruments on fitting like cone and thread fitting. 
  • It is very trustworthy and safe in systems with low to high pressure. 
  • It is performed in equally thin and thinner-walled tubing.

Disadvantages of double ferrule instrumentation fitting 

  • It is a more complex design. Very difficult to install.
  • If we select the wrong tubing is a very common mistake we cannot be installed it.
  • Sometimes lubrication is needed while threading the mating nut to prevent galling.  
  • Whatever material is used during installation should create corrosion as a consideration during system design. 
  • It is more expensive compared to the fitting. 

There are two types of ferrule

1. Single ferrule 

2. Double ferrule 

  1. Single ferrule: Initial stage the shoulder inside the compression nut is mixed with the back end of the is tightened the angle front end of the ferrule compresses into the body grip stainless steel tube this back end ferrules compression action protects the front of the sing ferrule. 
  2. Double ferrule: It is a twin ferrule design the front ferrule is the larger piece that sits deepest in the body. the back ferrule is smaller and engages in the huts front ferrule is a softer metal and bites down between the tube and the down between the tube and fitting is sealed for double ferrule technology. 

Important of ferrule 

  1. Both ferrule designs single or double need more care.
  2. It is provided accurate grip and seal
  3. It is given more important serving pressure, temperature, and vibration. 

Using our fitting 

  1. Leak-tight.
  2. Gas-tight.
  3. Easy to install.
  4. Highly resistant to vibration, corrosion, high temperature, high temperature, high pressure, and chemical. 
  5. Gaugeable.
  6. Ease is disassemble and reassemble.

The size of ferrules

The size of features is metric 0.75 and 1.00mm2. A ferrule meant for 0.75 will be too small, the next size larger will be needed. The 1.00 size ferrule will be permitted for 0.82 conductors to fit and permit 80% of the conductors to fill the ferrule space.

 Minimum ferrule height

 A minimum height of 1.5mm to 2  tooth structure above giving a margin for 360 degrees around the circumstances of the tooth preparation appears to be rational guidance for this ferrule effect. The price of the ferrule is Rs.55/-

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